16+ Child Services

16+  Child Services GLSH


GLSH is an independent organisation created by social and healthcare professionals with a passion for empowering, nurturing and supporting young people and adults. We provide comprehensive support to 16 plus boys and girls and adults (18 65yrs) in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and other surrounding areas. Our dedicated staff ensure that all our service users get the best chance in living a fulfilling and purposeful life .



Young People

GLSH provides comprehensive support and accommadation to 16 to 25 year old boys and girls.

Learning Disability

We provide a range of services for adults with learning disabilities in the Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and other surrounding areas.

Mental Health

Our range of mental health support services include: supported housing, supported houssing with care, respite care and floating support.
Want to Join us AMBITION AND IMAGINATION We will offer opportunities and support for people to realise their personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of life. CHOICE We give users the opportunity to choose independently from a range of options. RESPECT AND INTEGRITY We value every person and respect their aspirations and commitments in life, and seek to understand their priorities, needs, abilities and limits. We take what others have to say seriously. We are honest and open about our point of view and what we can and cannot do. EQUALITY & DIVERSITY We acknowledge that social care services are used by people from a range of ethnic backgrounds and we are inclusive and respectful to all service users regardless of their background. PRIVACY The right of individuals to be left alone or undisturbed and free from intrusion or public attention into their own affairs. COMMITMENT TO QUALITY We earn the trust placed in us by insisting on quality and striving to get the basics of quality of care - safety, effectiveness and client experience - right every time. We encourage and welcome feedback . We use this to improve the service we provide and build on our successes.
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